pickWithRay can't pick gui

var button = new BABYLON.GUI.HolographicButton(“btn”);
button.isPickable = true;
let hit = scene.pickWithRay(ray);
if(hit.pickedMesh.name == “btn”){

I can’t pick the button but i can pick the background,box,sphere

Hi @1113

Use the boservable events to handle clicking on Holographic buttons


Here is a playground with clickable Holographic button and pickable meshes:


Thank you,but this is not i want.
I want to creat a gaze selector in mobile phone’s vr mode,so i want to use pickWithRay to click the button.

PickWithRay raycast againts the meshes in the scene.
Holographic button is not a scene object but a Control 3D. So you can’t use pickWithRay and get a Control 3D derived objects.

Hi @1113,
I’m probably working on the same problem, and tried to clearify the problem statement (as well as adding additional issues, which occured to me). Please look at following issues and maybe give me some input on your strategy so far.