Pixel perfect spritemap?

My sprites are looking good but now I need to fix aliasing and flickering while moving the camera with my spritemap.

This shows what I’m seeing as far as aliasing. I’ll have to make a video to show the flickering while moving the camera.

Is it an orthographic camera problem

cc @Evgeni_Popov

Not sure where it could come from, a repro would help for sure.

so weird it looks like the up vector is not perfectly aligned… :expressionless:

That is probably a relic of how I set up the SpriteMap system.

I honestly need to do some updates to this and feel bad that I have not pushed the updates for it.

Looks like I might have some free time this week, and will get the PR in for turning it into a CustomMaterial so it has all the bells and whistles then take a look at fixing this specifically, I have a suspicion its a precision error.

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Ok I found the example that I was working on to convert it to a CustomMaterial extension.

I have not been able to find the PR that I was working on for that. So a little more digging and this should be a thing.

It looks like it might fix the rendering artifact you were having.

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