Portfolio (First Person Camera) - Beta

Beginner here, Started working on babylon and 3D Web Development and overall 3D stuff a month ago developed this portfolio on babylonjs, it is still in beta version will keep working on this project in future.
Just wanted to know if this is good enough to be here ?
The Dev Shezzy - Portfolio


Good start to your website :slight_smile: I’ve only just started using Babylon.js and have developed a gallery with interconnecting rooms. I notice you’ve gone for Star Trek doors too ! I need to work out how to create doors which pivot around a vertice :wink:

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Actually my door idea is from Half Life 1 doors
Actually I’d say my whole idea is inspired by half life :smiley:

just incase you need help regarding pivot of gate


Thanks for the link. I have added swinging doors to my lobby :slight_smile:
… ‘Star Trek’ … I’m showing my age :wink: … although I do recognise your ‘half life’ styling now you point it out.

Your website is taking too long to respond, not loading

Sorry, it might be that I have a few countries blocked in my server firewall due to recent DOS attacks (Russia, India, China and HK.)