Prevent Resize of TextBlock on a Plane

Hi, I am trying to create mobile responsive textblocks which are CreateForMesh and not CreateFullscreenUI, the text increases based on the window width / height.

My canvas has css: width:100%; height: 100vh; I have used this to cover the canvas whole window.

And I have used engine.resize() in the script.

Is there a way to make the plane or textblock stay same size if window is above 1440px and if below 1440px they resize as normal to mobile. The fontsize needs to be 150px at 1440px or above, if below then resize as normal.

Please kindly let me know on this.

Thank you

I don’t think there will be an automatic solution to this. You will need to check the current sizes of the screen and force/unforce the font size.

Hmmmm, yea I think that would be the best option. Playing with the numbers with resize listener. Wouldn’t be as perfect but might work as well :slight_smile:

Thank you very much