Proper way to handle UI scaling for mobile?

I’m looking at the best ways / suggestions to handle UI for mobile devices that are not scaling well / displaying with the proper positions:
As you can see 3 elements are stacking on eachother, timer, multiple choice and score for iPhones. I’m looking at a solution in Babylon but if the only thing is responsive then I will go with that.

Are you using GUI? Maybe you can provide a repro as this is not easy to get what you really need :slight_smile:
GUI can be responsive if you work only with percentage

Thanks so much @Deltakosh
Because I’m working in the Unity toolkit and cant’ switch all my UI to percentages this far into the project. Is there a function that I can call that forces a position (offset a sprite by 100 pixels left, if screen width is n)

Well this has to be done on a per event basis then: setting a control position when screen size changed

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Is this possible to do directly from babylon? I’m using the Unity toolkit, so would like to stay away from modifying the generated JS.

Let me ask the master @MackeyK24