Questions about BabylonNative

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So, just a little questions which I cannot found it on google:
1-babylonnative is made of pure C++? Or it runs something like a javascript interpreter inside the engine?
2-is it ready for use in production? (the latest time I saw it wasn’t)
3-the js docs can be useful at the use of the native? Or, does there is significant diferences between the native and js (on the use of)?
I’m asking that because I want to use the engine instead of Ogre3D (rendering engine).
Ogre is good but is very hard to learn and I want to port my 2d ECS to 3D space with some ready engine.

Thanks in advance and that our lord jesus give to you some woman like the Alicia Silvestone in 1994.


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We use Babylon Native and consider it to be production ready.

As a developer you write the same Babylon.js code you would for the web, but under the hood it uses a cross-platform C++ rendering library BGFX. So the Babylon.js docs are applicable to Babylon Native as well, although there are a few features not supported in Babylon Native.

I’d suggest you read through When To Use Babylon Native.


Thank you for teh answer!