React native: glb model is not shown

i would like to show a glb model on spartphone with babylon react native. It works with pirateFort.glb:

var baseUrl = "";

    SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync(null, baseUrl, "pirateFort.glb", scene).then(result => {
        // result.meshes[0].position.x = 0.01;
        const mesh = result.meshes[0];
        mesh.parent = transformContainer;

But my model is not shown, although in sandbox model is shown without problem.

Does anyone have idea? (532.5 KB)

adding @bghgary and @ryantrem

Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like? Or do you mean it doesn’t show up at all?

I just loaded this model on Android and it works fine. Can you try loading a different model and see if something else is wrong?

Sorry, that was my mistake, everything is ok. :slight_smile: