Read/get camera Alpha/Beta/Radius

Is it possible to read the value of an Arc cameras Alpha, Beta and Radius limits? I know the properties can be set but what I’m trying to do is read the properties dependent on me initially using setPosition()

Hi Wanceiho,

The alpha, beta, and radius limits are exposed via a series of public properties on the ArcRotateCamera. (You can also find those properties referenced in the docs page.) Are those the properties you’re looking for?

@syntheticmagus okay I think what I’m trying to do actually wouldn’t work with those properties.

I’m trying to set a specific angle for my camera using setPosition X,Y,Z and then access the Pi for the angles of the camera.

Hi. For arcRotate camera you need set target position and camera position then alpha beta and radius calculate automatically. if you want rotate camera you use alpha and beta angles. please look there Cameras - Babylon.js Documentation " The position of the camera can also be set from a vector which will override any current value for alpha , beta and radius . This can be much easier than calculating the required angles."