Recording from the inspector too short

When i click the ‘record video’ in the debug layer/inspector , it starts recording, but after a few seconds it stops and downloads the recording. I can’t go any longer. Is this meant this way?

I tried doing it here too and it works the same way for me. Is it a browser thing?

I just gave it a try and it indeed, recording stops after 7 seconds.
After having a look at the videoRecorder.ts source file, line 170 :

public startRecording(fileName: Nullable<string> = "babylonjs.webm", maxDuration = 7)

It seems that it’s intended :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, it makes sense to me, proof is that I never figured out it was limited, because I always stopped before the end… I guess that the goal is to record a few seconds, to be shared in a forum like this one, where the file size use to be limited… If you want to do a long record I would advice to use OBS or something like this…

That said, maybe there is a way to call the record function by code and choose the duration… I don’t know…
[EDIT] Found it ! :smiley:

++ :slight_smile: