Recording outside of canvas

Hi team,

is it possible to record video and also include HTML elements in the video I have above the canvas? currently it only record canvas.


I wouldn’t say that theoretically it is completely impossible but the implementation will give a lot of headache to you. This is not Babylon task, but Javascript task, so you may try to solve it at this level.

You can use the MediaStream API to turn a web page (or a portion of that page) into video. Here’s an implementation example from Google and one from Mozilla.

The implementation details will vary greatly depending on what you’re making and how you’re exporting it (i.e. to a file, to a live stream, etc.)

If you need just to record video for later use - much simpler solution would be to use external screengrabbers like Bandicam etc.


Thanks @labris , I meant if it was possible (implemented) within BabylonJS API.

Short solution:
It is not possible with BabylonJS API.

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Nope as Babylon only manages the canvas not the rest of the dom.

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