Rendering HTML in a Babylon scene?

I am new to babylon.js. and as per my project requirement I want to integrate html content in babylon.js scene. Below is my html that I need to integrate in babylon.js scene to render this as 3D.


So how I can achieve this. Waiting for your reply/suggestion.Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately browsers don’t currently support turning existing html content into webGL textures for numerous reasons including security worries, there are some proposals to solve this in the future but at present, the app needs to do the rendering itself.

I’d recommend using


Here is an example of threejs doing something similar…is it not possible with just babylonjs?

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Anyone know if this is now possible?

Exactly like in Three js, you can fake it HTML in 3D Space Part 2 - BJS Way to Matrix Transform - #3 by tinman thanks to @ozRocker

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