Rendering Mode is there a Retained Option?

Hello Fellow BabylonJS Devleopers,

I currently work on a 3d view for some models, now i got all of them loaded but on mobile the performance is terrible so i did wonder if it’s possible to only re-render when a user interaction happens?
As i do not really make a game i don’t have things running async to the rest.

Is there such a mode and if so how can i activate it?
(Basically binding the re-rendering on resize and the camera controls)

You can stop the engine render loop and then use a time out (with checks on activity) to do a frame rendering.

In this PG, I render only every 100ms

Yeah that seems to be what i would want. Only thing is that i render a certain time at normal speed.
Mhh not sure how i can use the default handlers for the camera but still support swiping.

E.g it’s easy to sort of trigger a render event when it’s done via buttons but pretty hard when it’s done via mouse/touch…

Any solution for this kind of thing??
I mean for now the buttons are working but it’s definitly non optimal for mobile.

you can modulate the time between two frames depending on heuristics…like the camera angles velocity

Or you can use the pointer event to refresh at 60Hz when a finger is touching the screen.