Rendering snapshots on a server


Does anyone have any experience capturing snapshots in the cloud?

We are running an instance of our app in an EC2 instance with a gpu, and we’re capturing snapshots from the scene. We’ve enabled a virtual frame buffer (Xvfb) in order to run puppeteer in headful mode, but its still very slow compared to what we would expect, and much slower than running on a laptop.

I think we may not be getting use out of the GPU. There’s chatter about VirtualGL on the webs, but all of the docs and forum posts are outdated and don’t seem to work as described.

Has anyone else tried to make anything similar work?


This may help: Rendering Scenes On A Remote Server | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks for the link, @deltakosh. That’s actually where we started. We’re trying to work through some issues, and we might try the Windows setup, but we’re not there yet.