Rotation origin change

Is there a good was to change a origin of rotationQuaternion?
by default, rotation over Y axes is 0 if mesh if facing positive Z. Counterclockwise rotation till PI is negative, clockwise is positive.
What i need is that Y axes rotation zero is “looking down” the negative x axes and counterclockwise rotation is positive all way to 2 PI

Is there builtin elegant way to do this?

Hi @Marin_Pericic
I’m slightly confused by the description if you’re wanting to change the “origin” (facing) or the “direction” :thinking:

For “origin”,
this all depends how the mesh was created,
the best option is to take the model back in your 3D tool of choice and bake the rotation “offline”.
second option is less optimal, but possible, doing it after you load the model in babylon
Apply rotations so the model is facing correctly, then call mesh.bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices()
take note that this also bakes position and scaling, which are reset to 0,0,0 and 1,1,1 respectively

Not sure to understand either, but it seems you simply need to add an offset to your angles to achieve what you want(?)