Rubics Cube Puzzle Demo

Heya, so a few months back I got bored and made a little rubics-cube type mini game for fun. I thought I might go back and polish and expand on it more some day but IDK if/when that will happen, so here it is now before I forget again. :slight_smile:

I think I got the basics working fairly well but not much polishing done yet…

PS, if you can’t get the proper plate to rotate, just click off the cube and drag left or right to rotate the camera and then the other plate will rotate (which plate rotates is based on which side of the cube is facing the camera).

And it starts out easy but gets a little harder each “level”. :beers:
(OP OG version for reference: old PG)
Newest version :point_down:


This is a really nice adaptation of an iconic game. I remember having seen it before. Now (since you are willing to improve it in a way :thinking:, I’m just wondering for the above, if there would be a way to improve this part. Else, it could reach a target of casual gamers (you know the ones that play games on the office computer instead of doing their faen job :wink:

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Thanks Mawa, I made it all in the playground so I guess there’s been various versions to find there along the way LOL… Hmm, but which direction to rotate was something I never tried other ways and prob got too used to when testing/playing. Maybe I’ll try a few other ways thou, like considering which face is clicked on… :slight_smile:

So I tried another way of figuring out which cubes to rotate in which direction, using an invisible box to see which side was clicked on. And also added highlighting of the selected/rotating cubes for now. :slight_smile:

So far I’m liking it much better since I don’t have to rotate the camera as much, and is hopefully more intuitive now too…

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Yes, it already works better. I still have some issues though (playin the casual mindless player :wink:
It seems like the area of selecting a cube is very tight. I’ll try to explain: If I click in full middle of a cube, I can seemlessly rotate in all direction. However, if I click a little too much offset from the center, it will rotate only on the axis that’s closest to the selected point. Not sure you understand, I don’t know how to explain it better. In short, it would be good that no matter where you click, the mouse/pointer move would always allow to rotate in every direction (with a dead zone of course). Easier said than done (although it’s already not ez to explain :wink:

Ha it prob only seemed intuitive knowing how it works already (like before), but I do maybe have one more way to try, based purely on direction, not which face of the cube is clicked on. Currently which of a cube’s 3 visible faces is clicked on dictates which 2 ways it can be rotated, but now that I’m testing it more it does still get funky sometimes… Thanks again for the feedback. :slight_smile: