Scene.PickWithRay VS Physics.Raycast

Yo @Deltakosh , @sebavan , @Cedric … I got a question about pick with ray vs an actual physics raycast… Well basically is there a performance issue with one vs the other ?

Should i use physics over scene pick with ray ?

I am basically making a player controller that support both mesh.moveWithCollision as well as Ammo.btKenematicCharacterController movement. Right now i use scene.pickWithRay downwards to detect grounding… I use that for both setups. Should i be using Ammo physics raycast when using the character controller, is that physics raycast more performant in the long run ?

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Unless you use Babylon’s Octree or roll your own spatial partitioning, Ammo will be faster, as identifies possible intersections by first traversing the broadphase, followed by the more expensive ray/face test.


@sebavan and @Cedric are both out on vacation right now. Maybe @RaananW can confirm.

There is no real need to turn on both collision-system and a physics engine.
Ammo will probably be faster, as @Ragger said. It very much depends on your scene setup, but if you already require a physics engine, use it :slight_smile: