Scene with multi camera that I can't get to work well


I’m facing a problem that I can’t solve.

I have a scene on my project where I want to use 4 cameras. Each camera is for a specific use:

  • One that is attached to a character (cameraPlayer)
  • One for a terrain edit mode (cameraEditor)
  • One for the minimap (cameraMinimap)
  • One for the GUI. (cameraGUI)
  1. I would like camera 1 (cameraPlayer) to be the main camera that sees all the scene as if it were the only camera.
  2. I would also like to be able to switch from camera 1 (cameraPlayer) to camera 2 (cameraEditor) active to switch to a larger view of the terrain (the camera for Edit mode.)
  • before, I used to scene.activeCamera = camera2 when I wanted to switch to another camera. But with the multiCameras I’m lost. I can do it when I use 2 cameras, one on each viewport, but beyond that, I can’t do it anymore.
  1. I would also like camera 3 (cameraMinimap) to display a minimap with the viewport and to eliminate the graphical interface of the camera 4.
  2. And for the camera 4 (cameraGUI) that it just displays the GUI (which seems to be the case in the PG)
  3. I may even add a fifth camera to generate a map of the world in real time in the end (without the graphical interface) But I’ll see about that later. I feel like I’m asking a lot already…

Currently on this PG it does not work good. I may have mixed up the brushes.
Does anyone know how I can solve these 4 or 5 problems?

Thank you beforehand.

Did you actually rush the PG a little? :wink:
There are already many errors when calling the cameras to set the layerMask. Seems like you forgot to change the name of the cam when setting the parameter. So, I corrected this for a start.
I’m also bringing your GUI to the foremost top of layerMask. This should provide with a better start to fix the issue.

Next, I need to read again the different conditions (which camera needs to render what and when).
But I guess it will already be easier to do with this revised version of the PG…

Edit: Slowly getting there I guess (I hope :wink:) Steps 1 and 2 done if I understand correctly?

Edit1: Steps 3 and 4 done (hopefully :wink: Press H to change cam (and hide GUI on editor camera)

Are we getting close? Let me know…

Last Edit: My apologies. Didn’t realize I lost controls. You should not dipose of the camera. I fixed it here:


It seems very good to me. Thank you very much for your time. I actually made mistakes looking at my PG, I was very tired yesterday.

I will try to put all this in place on my project by following what you have done.

Many thanks again.

That’s why I never work in the evening :sleeping:
I usually have to undo everything in the morning :wink:
No worries though, you’re welcome. Have a great day,

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Cool, I managed to put all this in place on my project with some adaptation.

You have been a great help to me @mawa. Have a good day too

Result on my project. I added a mask to the mini-map to make it round :


Looks great. I’m eager to test it :smiley: