Search developer for dynamic mockup generation


we are looking for a developer to help us create 3D mockups for our Shopify store.
We sell puzzles on our homepage and would like to present them as realistically as possible. For this purpose we have created 3D models of puzzles.
Now we are looking for a developer to program the following for us(paid job of course):
1.) Dynamically change the image texture in the .gltf model.
2.) Programming a rest API to generate .jpg or .png files so we can use them on other marketplaces.
3.) Embedding the model in a Shopify store, fixed is the .gltf model, but for each product the texture has to be changed.

I would be happy if someone would help us with this. Thank you!


We can help to build what you are looking

Please see one of product we have build using for homedecor for texture changes

Visualize Products in 3d (

Please contact me at

looks great, I’ll send you an email. :slight_smile: