Server-side rendering using BabylonNative?

Will BabylonNative, either running on Windows or Linux provide a way to render server-side without using puppeteer and a headless browser?

Does BabylonNative on Windows/Linux still require a UI?


Adding @bghgary and @Cedric and this is defintely a feature that has been requested before so I guess they might have plan for this :slight_smile:

Hi @mburbidg

ATM, we do render on server for the CI. It’s using a window but we are working on creating a context without any UI. We can make a test for that. What are you expecting as output?

Thanks @Cedric. For CI, which platform, Win32, Linux, both?

Great news on the context without a UI.

Output: Raster image (JPEG) or Video. Or maybe just raster image and our code can create video by rasterizing one frame at a time.

We might start with Linux as some users requested it.

Linux would be our choice.

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Any idea on the timeframe for context without UI in Linux?

No ETA for now. But in the mean time, can you pull BabylonNative repo, build for Linux and test ValidationTests app on your server? If it works, it will be faster to do.

We’ve been trying to build the Linux version without success so far. I have another outstanding question about the build problem.