setTimerAndStart is not a function

PG here Babylon.js Playground

Adding code straight from the docs as follows generates an error that says setTimerAndStart is not a function.
See Handle Events with Observables - Babylon.js Documentation

Also changing it to BABYLON.setAndStartTimer does not work either.

Apparently this was added in 4.2 but does not seem to work as described. Is this functionality available?

Pinging @RaananW who wrote the function.

It seems the function is not exported, so it is not available for end user…

The function is exported in code, I’ll need to find what changed since the implementation.

Will take care of this, thanks for reporting! Both this and the wrong naming in the docs :blush:

The function itself is exported indeed but I meant timer.ts is not exported from index.ts.

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Yep, i did notice that as well, but it was exported, as this has worked in the past :slight_smile:
I just want to be sure what happened. But yes, this is the quick and correct fix