Setting a node's orientation so that it faces camera - without using Billboarding?

An object’s pose in 3D is represented by position and orientation. I would like to set a plane’s orientation so that it faces the camera - however, I don’t wish to use Billboarding.

The reasoning for this is simple - once a button is clicked, I would like the planes in my scene to face the camera and then I perform some operations on them. Once the operations are done, I would like the planes to maintain the orientation when the button was pushed. Namely, I don’t wish the planes to reorient themselves once I pan around the scene, hence no billboarding.

If the user clicks again on the same button - the planes reorient themselves and face the camera.

I am having difficulties achieving this and don’t even know where to start in Babylon JS - rotation, absoluteRotationQuaternion do not give me the orientation as expressed in world coordinates.

counteract rotation
(press ‘space’ to make pl faces to cam)


You can also use quaternions to do the same thing:

plane.rotationQuaternion = scene.activeCamera.absoluteRotation;


I unfortunately cannot vote for 2 solutions.

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