Shadows disappear when 2 elements too close

Hi there!

I have a question about shadows: I have a spotlight that cast shadows, a heightmap as a floor, and an image as a rug. I added a 3D model of a table when the table is above the floor, the shadow is clearly here, but when I put it just “on” the floor, the shadow disappears.

When it’s “on the floor”

Sorry for the double post, I am too newbie on this forum to post 2 different pictures on the same post. Weird limitation btw!

When it’s “above the floor”

Thanks a lot!! :smiley:

Well, as I learned along the way a lot of things can be the reason xD My first thought is this

Try playing with the bias value. It worked for me in the past with the similar problem.


Thanks! I will try ASAP :slight_smile: