SHHH! It's a secret! Babylon.js 5.0 Is Here Early!

You can tweet or anything on 5/5 so you can help amplify the message :smiley:


cdn also moved to 5.0 :slight_smile: so party for everyone. THis is something I’m really eager to keep

babylonjs is for everyone, not just npm users


nope nope! CDN also moved to 5.0

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I will work on that at the beginning of next week. Didn’t forget that.

You can still use 4.2.1 for now until this is resolved.

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I’ll add the artefacts to the release in a sec :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Do you mean you know what causes this or should I go back investigating? I had switched a week ago to updating my first BJS scene (the snowball demo) that can deserve a sweet performance and tech update it never received. The good thing is the new version seems to work fine with v5.0 :smiley:
My only hope now is that I will have some time left to feature something (just something) of this space theme of yours for the launch. I would be sad not beeing able to meet with this important milestone :space_invader: :rocket:

We’d like to keep the news quiet and contained to the forum as much as we can until May 5th. If there is a Japanese Babylon.js community that you feel can keep the news a secret from the broader public, but would like to participate in the event, please by all means feel free to bring them into group!


This doesn’t HAVE to be a playground. Anything that shows off something related to Babylon 5.0 is welcome!


Hi, my project is no longer working, please I need help, these are my imports in my index.html how can I reference to the previous version?

You can find them on this link and add the files locally

4.2 here :

4.0, 4.1… here :


Thanks a lot, now is working again :grinning:

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Hooray~!! Thank you all for the amazing BabylonJS :slight_smile: go BJS!! yay~!

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I am not sure I am using thread correctly, but doesn’t look like many are. Anyway, I do not think a single person can come up with something themed that is frankly not just macaroni art quality destined for the frig in that amount of time (especially relative to other things, do not ask). I also assume no one is going be solely working on it the entire time.

While that is fine for someone on a personal level, I think any other effects will be very limited. It would show that stuff can be made by individuals on the weekend, but that build quality is also going to really show as well, unless they were already luckily doing something in the space theme.

Now, if more than one person were to pool their capabilities (yes, it might seem like cheating), but maybe it would work.

I am not proposing that I run this. I am only the instigator. I do think a straw man needs to be put out as a starting point though. So here it is:

First, if there is no video, in today’s world, it might as well not even exist. Implementing on a pg is not a bad idea, but posting a tweet of a picture and a pg seems to lack something. If a vid can be made, it could attract more people, and the pg is something they could still go to & play it live for themselves.

Pg’s are not the best for adding in script elements (I have had problems when doing more than one) + we do not have a lot of time, so doing as much in Blender, including layout will make for a clean looking source that can be followed. The babylon exporter can do instances.

My thought is to make a video that is a parody of the Beginning & very end of the TV show “Babylon 5”. The beginning is a narrated dialog. Using Web Speech means we do not need someone to actually say the script. Do not think it can be captured in code, but just use a phone’s mic as it play off speakers.


There can be multiple voices to pick from, which might vary by browser. live page. I am very fuzzy on the details of this show which has been off the air over a decade. The dialog should make it very clear that this is obviously a parody.

While this narration is going on, we show the station, the jump gate, and one of the little one person ships coming through it and going slowly toward the station. Towards the end of the dialog, a bunch of them can stream out whatever orifices they are supposed to. 4 of them, can wiz by the camera on all sides right at the end.

For the ship, I found this on Blendswap, and did a preliminary triage of getting it into a modern .blend file.

As is often the case, the artist spared no vertex / material expense. This is actually good. If you know how, you can process out that out, while keeping most of the quality. The preliminary export shows:

What I will personally do, is try to get the triangles under 20k. In old stuff like this, it is just better to just replace the materials with principled. All those node in the material in the pic above is just to make a metal like grey. They did not have metal or roughness sliders back then. This is wildly over complicated for today, and not going to export without baking.

The station & jump gate might not have already been done, though I only searched Blend Swap… I am not going to try to build these. Is someone will to? The jump gates seemed really simple as I remember them.

If we can keep to a 100k poly budget (including instances), then we probably have the full bag of tricks we can use for animation / effects.

For the stars, I suggest we use this jpg inside a sphere much like a photodome.

I know someone has some stars code in the works, but you can really have good control with sphere which is repeatable, which you can alter the scale and rotation. This also can be done entirely inside Blender, and requires no script elements.

This brings me to the end. There is a need to show who did the ship & stars as they are CC-BY. In the show, there is a rotating flat stone with letters chiseled in it. Can someone make a flat stone, but be careful not to be too close in shape?

  • Have a really high level of subdivision during dev.
  • Add 3d text objects of what to say.

When text is final:

  • Cut out underneath the text holes in the stone, then get rid of the subdivision.
  • Convert the text objects into meshes, delete the front showing faces, & flip the normals to look like it has been etched into the stone.

I have more (places to post / desktop or headset recording/ audio-video post processing things), but do not want to get too far ahead, if no one else wants to play.


Oh, just how right you are by saying this… But you know what? Will try anyway. I’m kind of the stubborn type :wink:


Sorry to ask but have these files been moved elsewhere (where?). I cannot find’em anymore. As I’m still having issues with the new version, I thought I would finally install this version but Oops…the link doesn’t work.

Yes the Legacy directory was recently deleted.

All current and old versions are here:
You will find the old version on page 7

I have even bigger secret which I’d like to share: Babylon 5.2.0 is there - Releases · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub :slight_smile:

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Thx a lot for the info.

Cool! Will try to have something ready as well.

Go, Babylon!