SHHH! It's a secret! Babylon.js 5.0 Is Here Early!

I am happy about the release. I made a small demo that is available here Babylon 5 SAPACE DEMO
It is a space without gravity where the user can move as an astronaut would.
The best experience is achieved using an Oculus device in immersive mode, where movement is achieved by moving your hands while pressing the main triggers.
In a couple of hours I’ll post it on some social networks.


Very cool @Gustavo_Font! I collaborated on a tech demo with solarfluxx (Github); the project and demo are here (will be posting on Twitter). Thank you Babylon.js team for your continuous work on this great library! This is my first post but I often find myself reading through the forum and docs.

At work we’re using v5 for an unreleased project and are very excited with the results so far; we can’t wait to share once that is done!


Thanks @Adam_Mazzarella, I just saw your demo and it’s very good, congratulations for your work!