Single Babylon.js package

We are working under the circumastances, that we are only allowed to use a single file as library for our project.
So we are limited to the min version of the Engine.

Is there a possibility to have a single file including all the other additional packages like materials, gui, inspector, ammo etc?

Thanks. Werner

Maybe you could bundle them into your own custom package?

cc @RaananW

i did something similar with rollup some time ago as an experiment:
brianzinn/babylon-ssg-rollup (

i think it had gui and materials. probably Raanan has a better solution!


we currently don’t offer that. the package will also be quite large and most people don’t need that. but, as @docEdub said - you can bundle them yourself - create a project importing all of the packages you need, and use a bundler (like webpack, for example) to “join” them all together.