Smooth Target Transition with a Smooth Move to target

Hello there wonderful people.

I have a new question. Animation is an area of Babylon Js that I have just started into. It’s really cool and something that is truly beautiful and fun to play with. But not when it’s a little odd. I would really appreciate some help with my code above.

I have diamonds in the scene - once you click on one - the set target of the camera points to that and it animates in(Line 70 +).

I am having trouble with one thing. I’d like the camera target to smoothly transition to the chosen target.

I found this forum page :, in particular this playground:

This good soul has the smooth transition working (Line 41), but both a smooth transition and a blend is something I’m looking for.

Please can anyone point me in the right direction?

I think @Pryme8 did something similar recently: Animate Camera Target

Maybe he could give us a hint ?

Thank you sebavan - I’m gonna try out what he suggested in the mean time, it looks promising :slight_smile:

Right I’ve got something good - based on the notes of @Pryme8 - thank you Pryme8. And thank youu @sebavan as you were the compass.

However this may be a newbie question - but how would I play both at the same time / simultaneously? It would add to a much more beautiful transition and be something likely used by others in future.

I’m being simple - I just tweaked the settings.

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You could also animate the radius instead of the cam position :slight_smile:

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Glad to help!


hahaha! you made it better!

Slick! I do love this community.