Snapping Of mesh

Can someone help me with a good example of snapping a mesh to position next to another mesh while dragging the mesh close to the other mesh?
And also help me to understand how do we combine the mesh and perform rotation and other functionalities?

  • Thanks in advance.

Thanks @Necips for giving me the example but if there is any way to find out whether we can snap two meshes or not.
Like if both meshes are in same axes we can snap two meshes but if they are lying in different axes we cannot snap two meshes.
So is there any way to find out qualification of snapping of multiple meshes?

@Necips kanban board example is too heavy to digest :\ :smiley:

Can you provide other examples?

Thanks @Necips yes that is very good and easy example :slight_smile:
Nd I am sorry for troubling you a lot :smiley:

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