[SOLVED] Looking for dev to make a GLB->VRM converter

We’re developing a product that generates 3d avatars on the go.

We are dynamically generating (and exporting) GLBs of avatars via BBjs and we need those to be converted to VRM right after in a backend.

Therefore, we need a service/system to automatically convert a GLB file into a VRM file and that service will be running on a server.


  • The VRM should look just like the GLB and work.
  • The service should be able to run on a server (droplet or App platform)
  • Coded using any of the following: Python, Rust, JS, TS.


  • Load the GLB into webGL (such as BabylonJs or Threejs) and export as VRM using a plugin (or custom code).
  • Convert to VRM using python running Blender API.

We’re not experts in Python and/or skeletons hence why we’re willing to outsource this task.

The company is cyberbrokers.com
Send me your rate and maybe some portfolio (your github counts) to benjy@cyberbrokers.io.

I can give you more information via Email if needed. Or we can organize a call to make things more formal.

Thank you

I think just change the extension to .vrm from .glb

VRM itself is based on GLTF format.

See here - glTF - VRM documentation
@jeremy-coleman The conversion from GLB to VRM may be not so simple.


As far as I know, it’s extremely similar to glb, but with hierarchical difference (if needed) done to the skeleton…

Not sure though

Looks like you would lose animation support, why do you need it to be VRM?

VRM is getting incredibly popular due to how interoperable it is;

In any case, just making a comment here to say that we’ve got someone!
Thanks team

When can I load vrm nodes