Space Ship GamePlay With Real Dynamic Gravity

use " q,w,e,a,s,d " to rotate
x for slow down speed
space to run


Wow, nice @nasimiasl!

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Optimize a bit for touch
now i most make some real ship

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i opened it but could not figure out what the gameplay is?

hey @shaderBytes
it is just new move with new Gravity
gravity :
i define V (for vector). F ( for Force ) O ( for Object )
O have FS (array of Force )

you need define Mass and radius for any planet

any object can have 2 kind force
1 the fixed force β€œnew F( value , 3d direction vector)”
2 dynamic force changed in any frame β€œnew F(0.on(calculation Function )”

then you can define any solar system and real gravity in space simulation

after that for define a movement ( gameplay) we need control 3d direction and use force for have spaceship simulation

speed ~190.000 in good direction i catch the Orbit

use β€˜c’ to change camera mode