TextInput picking up funny keys?

When selected it seems these keys count as text input?

Yep they do count, they fire key events just like other keys. Perhaps you can filter them out in the textChangedObservable?

Hmm. :thinking: Sry to interrupt but ‘Question here’:
Why not do it on ‘onBeforeKeyAddObservable’ ? And there you could also add a limit to the ‘case’ which would exclude all keys above (or not within) the limit?
I’m asking because I’m sure not a specialist of that but I use similar to limit the input in my scene and it works fine (although my case was not about the handling/exlusion of audio buttons - In fact, I didn’t even think of 'em :grin: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You could make an array of acceptable keys, and then only push the results if keyFilterArray.includes(keyCode) or somethinig?