The camera is a vertebral problem

My current scene is based on the main camera to determine whether the grid is visible, but I want each camera to be able to determine its own rendering of the grid, what should I do

As the picture shows, if the main camera renders it, the little map will be visible, and if the main camera doesn’t see it, the little map will show nothing

Please create a simple scene with a ground and a couple of box meshes and the cameras you are using and post in a playground and explain what you expect.

Here is a basic one to get you started

If I understand you correctly you want the main camera to show a large view of the scene and to have separate viewports with different cameras for each showing different views of the scene as in the PG (playground) you posted.

As the PG works and it is not possible to see your code then I suggest you start with the code in the PG and replace the code that creates the spheres and ground with the code that creates your meshes.

Does @Wingnut’s answer RendertargetTexture problem from your other thread solve the issue in this thread?

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