Sprites disappearing with multiple cameras


I have a problem with sprites and multiple camera.

I have a scene with 2 cameras :

  • one active camera used for moving, editing token on a map…
  • one “hidden” camera fps-like used only for screenshot (with CreateScreenshotAsync)

Everything is fine on the first camera :

But on the second camera, with the same view, sprites are hidden:

Since sprites are displayed according to one specific camera, I suspect there could be a problem but how to manage that ?

I must add that I need 2 camera because I’m planning to create a equirectangular photodome screenshot that require a specific vertex shader (explained in Generate equirectangular 360 panorama from babylon.js scene )

Thanks in advance

It does work in this PG:

I guess we will need a repro to be able to help.

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Thank you for your reply.
The problem looks like that my second camera is not active, the playground uses the array activeCameras.

I’ve played with the playground but when both cameras are active, the rendering is duplicated

I’ll investigate more, thank you