The difference between Freecamera and ArcRotateCam

Sorry!I have a question that I don’t understand?Let’s say I need to implement a function now: WASD can choose to control its left and right sides, and the mouse can be customized, such as left mouse button to perform key operation and right mouse button to perform rotation, then which camera should I choose

ArcRotateCameras should be used for focusing on and rotating around a specific point/target. If you’re planning on implementing functions for WASD and the mouse, I’d recommend using the UnivesalCamera, though FreeCamera should provide you with that functionality as well. Here a page on how to implement custom controls, if you’re interetsed: Customize Camera Inputs - Babylon.js Documentation

That’s right.All I need is a camera, so I can realize moving around, right-click to make it spin, left key does not perform the operation, or performs custom functions, but I look at the website of the camera, there is no camera in this unity, freecam can realize both before and after the left and right sides, ArcCam can implement custom mouse buttons, but they can’t together

You could inherit from Camera and create your own behavior.