The GLTF model exported by unity cannot be customized in babylonJS

I tried to export the model in GLTF format with unity just now, the effect is very good, and it can be loaded normally in babylonJS, but the problem is, I can’t set the new position for it, is it because the model is viewed according to the world coordinates

You can see him very far away.

instead of .position, you may want to use .setAbsolutePosition(xxxx) as your meshes my have a hierarchy

  • Sorry, in this case, how should I assign location information

Yo @ranwei-001

What are you using to export the model in GLTF Format ???


Ok… I thought you said Unity … If so i wanted to take a look at that tool your are using :slight_smile:

Do you know the answer to my question

Try use right handed … you might have to set force right handed on the loader.

If you can send me the original model file and the gltf converted file I will try take a look at them

Note… the Z Axis is inverted for GLTF because gltf is right handed

Thank you!

I’ve already solved that problem, because the coordinates in json are not assigned that way, they should be subscripted

My current model position has been assigned, because it is more than 30,000 coordinates, out of my skybox, but it seems that skybox cannot set such a large position, and, I pulled the camera nearby to have a look, the model seems to be still messy, I do not know whether it is because of the world coordinates or local coordinates