Trouble using Rotation of Babylon.js

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I have 2 meshes (childMesh and parentMesh).
The childMesh is dependent on parentMesh, so when the parentMesh is rotating, childMesh is also rotating.
By the way, the parentMesh is not rotating as I expected even though childMesh is working.
For example, given these parameters, the parentMesh is rotating in a wrong way.
angle = “-720”, x = “0”, y = “0”, z = “1” (// This means that it should rotate 720 degrees in Z axis).

But, with same arguments, it’s working properly in Three.js.
Do I need to know something more about rotation in Babylon.js?

Rotation using Babylon.js

Rotation using Three.js

I am seeing a lot of operations and computations in your playground. Can you simplify the PG to the bare minimum ?

Hi @babylon!

Have you tried sequencing the animation using the The Animation Curve Editor (ACE)?

It is very easy to use, and with a few lines of code you can run your animation, as well as control the speed, loop, when it ends…

Notice that your parent.parent node is “root”. That is hte GLTF thingy which is scaled and rotated.

Hello @Joe_Kerr
Thanks for your reply.
By the way, where can I find the snippet “C0FCME#1” ?

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Hi @babylon!

  • Open the Inspector Panel
  • Click the Picking button
  • Click on the object
  • Click Edit in Animations Tab

If the Animation Panel appears empty, close the panel, select another object on the scene, click again on your object and click Edit again

@DRLeria ,
Thank you for your kind reply.
Let me try again now.

But, still I can’t find any item or resource named “C0FCME#1” even though you applied it in your code.
How can I find it?

let animations = await BABYLON.Animation.CreateFromSnippetAsync(‘C0FCME#1’);

For everyone, I found the solution for this problem.
For your information, here is the solution link.