Trying to hire a mentor


I have questions about improving our app based on BabylonJS and need some mentoring. I was trying to find mentors in, but there are not any of BabylonJS but many of ThreeJS.
Do you know where I can find mentors for BabylonJS?


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I think the forum is usually the main source for people seeking for Babylon advice and to be fully honest I did not even know of codementor :frowning:

cc @PirateJC who might have ideas about mentorship :slight_smile:


Hey @Rafael,

You’re definitely in the right place! The services and offers section is the perfect place to post something like this.

Also, this is a pretty friendly community, if you don’t get traction here, you should feel free to reach out to some of the more active folks around here directly via PM.

FYI - @Blake @mawa @Pryme8 @JCPalmer @labris @nogalo @brianzinn @CraigFeldspar @roland for visibility.