Trying to move a YouTube element/iFrame - would love to get it on an x, y, z axis?

Hi there!

I pulled a YouTube iFrame element from another playground and it looks great in my scene but I can’t seem to figure out how to adjust it’s position. I’m trying to move it to appear to be pinned to the middle block behind it:

I figure it may have something to do with this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.46.59 PM

But I can’t unlock it’s secrets (how to adjust it) - Ideally I’d love to be able to just have it on an (x, y, z) plane like most other things.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! I’m a total noob at this so if there’s any way to ELI5, you’d have my gratitude.

Simply update videoViewMesh.position before calling the 3D renderer setup: