Typerwriter Effect

Is it possible to create a typewriter effect as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/fTOcWMD_5pk .
Ideally, i’d like to have a chatbox similar to pokemon as seen here:
Where dialogue can use the typewriter effect to display text in a textbox on gui.

I’m sure you could iterate the text shown through different permutations of the full text, but I’m wondering if anyone has a simpler way.

Hello :slight_smile:

If you want each char to appear “instantly” (like an actual typewriter) I think you must iterate and add chars one by one. Otherwise, what you can try is resizing the TextBox width. When the width is smaller than the actual text, it’s cropped. So by animating the width, you would have the text appearing progressively

Here is a comparison I just coded between both :slight_smile: