Typescript error after update to 6.44.0 (from 6.43.0)

I’ve updated to babylonjs 6.44.0 and now I’m getting the following typescript error:

Interface 'XRHand' cannot simultaneously extend types 'Map<string, XRJointSpace>' and 'Map<XRHandJoint, XRJointSpace>'.
  Named property 'set' of types 'Map<string, XRJointSpace>' and 'Map<XRHandJoint, XRJointSpace>' are not identical.
 FILE node_modules/@babylonjs/core/Engines/engine.d.ts:2917:11

    2915 | abstract class XRJointPose implements XRJointPose {}
    2916 |
  > 2917 | interface XRHand extends Map<XRHandJoint, XRJointSpace> {
         |           ^^^^^^
    2918 |     readonly WRIST: number;
    2919 |
    2920 |     readonly THUMB_METACARPAL: number;

This error is shown 8 times.

I’m using the es6 npm packages:
@babylonjs/core”: “6.44.0”,
@babylonjs/gui”: “6.44.0”,
@babylonjs/inspector”: “6.44.0”,
@babylonjs/materials”: “6.44.0”,

I’ve deleted the node_modules folder to make sure it’s not a cache issue, and reverting back to 6.43.0 removes the errors.


I’m having the same issue with 6.45, but really can’t say why.

thanks for reporting! let me check and fix that

Oh, and - can I ask what typescript version you are using?

And - Type change to XRHand by RaananW · Pull Request #14821 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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I’m using typescript 5.3.3.

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version 6.45.1 is being released as I write this, with a fix to this issue. Thanks again for reporting this! helps a lot.

There must still be a RaananW problem. On the playground it is still version 6.44.
Same thing in the console (on my project), this displays engine version 6.44.

Being released. Will be there in a few minutes

Ah, I didn’t realize that this was still in progress. Sorry

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Thanks for the quick fix :slight_smile:

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