Use the VR interaction on ScrollViewer

Hi there, I have a question, How Can I use the Vr interaction on scrollViewer?
A code here :
Because I want to use only in first time my gaze to interact with the scrollBar, but I don’t know what is the object I have to interact with. I search on the github but I find verticalBar but I don’t know how to make it move.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi Mathieu,

ScrollViewer.verticalBar has a “value” parameter that controls where the scroller is. Legal values seem to be between 0 (the beginning) and 1 (the end), so it seems that you can set that variable directly to manipulate the viewer’s scrolling behavior. Will that work for your scenario?

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Hi syntheticmagnus, I will try, thank you for the answer !!

I did that :

Thank you !!