Using same meshes in another scene

Is it possible to transfer a mesh from one scene into another? For example, I want to allow users to edit meshes in a scene, for example there are Mesh A, B, and C. The users can make any sort of edits to them and I want to keep those changes saved somewhere and “import” them into another scene when a user views them in another page, is this possible to do?

This might be doable but requires a lot of fiddling to ensure that you detach all the mesh/animations/materials/textures from one scene with the according scene.removeXXX function and add to the new one with the equivalent scene.addXXX function.

So in theory it could be done but I am unsure how hard it would be in practice :frowning:

Depending on your use case, memory needs and what you mean by different pages there might be another way.

Maintain one scene that has two different ‘landscapes’ A and B. The use three arrays for viewable objects. For now viewable items, ie things like materials you just leave as is.

requiredForLandscapeAOnly = [ ];
requiredForLandscapeBOnly = [ ];
requiredForBothLandscape = [ ];

The when switching from A to B say

requiredForLandscapeAOnly.forEach((item) => item.setEnabled(false) //or if setEnabled not available use isVisible = false;
requiredForLandscapeBOnly.forEach((item) => item.setEnabled(true) //or if setEnabled not available use isVisible = true;