VirtualJoysticksCamera with onBlurObservable or onPointerClickObservable

I build a map where user can interact with element, and GUI button,
when the user is on mobile/tablet I create a VirtualJoysticksCamera, but the joystick prevent click on the items.
how to combine clicking with VirtualJoysticksCamera?

here a small example:
[](https://this playground)


The VirtualJoysticksCamera creates a full-screen canvas on top of the window that intercepts all touch events (you can notice that when the joysticks are enabled you can’t even click on the playgrond code, it goes directly to the Joysticks). To have scene pick events, you’d have to detect when the user is clicking on a part of the canvas that’s also over the Babylon canvas, and manually call scene.pick for the picking.

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