Looking for contributors

Dear community,
I started a small side project based on babylon.js last weekend because I felt compelled to do something fighting our current crisis and wanted to learn something new.

While the current direction of the project is going towards education, the project definition and direction are still open for discussion.

The project will be open-source and non-profit and I am looking for people wanting to join in (more details on the GitHub page). Let me know if you’re interested. You can contact me in English or German.

Concretely we’re looking for :

  • JavaScript/TypeScript developers ideally with a background in 2D/3D rendering
  • Biologists/Immunologists/Virologists/MDs to guide the project and to input useful requirements and domain-specific knowledge ideally with an educational background
  • 2D/3D Designers

Of course, any kind of feedback is always welcome.
Stay healthy!


Excellent initiative!!

A couple of days back I made an animated Corona Virus Model:

If you are planning to build something like the below video then it will be a bit time-consuming. I will help you if I get free time :slight_smile:

@HiteshSahu Thank you for your answer.

The video is definitely helpful and the idea goes into that direction, however what we want to achieve should be less graphical (at least in the beginning) but more interactive (and therefore hopefully way more fun).

We’ll do a big project kickoff this weekend with the EUvsVirus hackathon and are still looking for one developer with 2d/3d rendering experience. (see | Devpost).

Message me, if you’re interested.