Corona Virus real time 3D Visualization 🌎 (Demo link in description)

I created a Realtime 3D visualization of Corona Virus data.

Live link:


Love it!

Pinging @syntheticmagus who was looking for cool charts

Awesome! The real-time aspect of this is an impressive integration. I hope it gains traction on social media.

It would be neat to draw the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself. The geometric properties of viruses are ideal for modeling given that they’re essentially spherical with symmetrically distributed identical receptors.



I was looking for this exact visualization; of course I find it here. Have you done any SEO on that website?

Wow. Amazing work. I cannot quite see my country though :frowning: I had to guess where it is.

EU countries are very crowded. I have made another demo in which you can walk on the map using WSAD or arrow keys in Game Mode:

I have filtered data to show only a real-time death toll. Fortunately, I do not need to add so many anchors for that.


Very cool! Unfortunately, it appears the scale should be adjusted by several orders of magnitude now. :frowning: