VSCode client side only no npm

Is it possible to have VSCode IntelliSense working for building client side serverless application without node.js or npm?
I just want a way to get the same content npm give up to date in a folder.

hey use raw html and javascript and you can make it

By adding script tag with url of cdn to the html header, do I need to use an import in my js too so ‘BABYLON’ is recognised . . :thinking:

Also I made it outside of the html the js as a module. This mignt not be good.

you could add this in your js /// <reference path="https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.module.d.ts" />

Accessing the file directly on the cdn might not work so download the file locally and you can point to it

I use plain JavaScript not TypeScript.
Would this work normally?

yes but make it the first line of the file with /// as it is in my message.

OH I though it was comment // :sweat_smile:

I am a bit confused here so I will post a screenshot:

Testing it by hoveing my mouse on BABYLON to see if it suggest something.
Here it’s still ‘any’ :melting_face:

your reference need to be to the .d.ts file as I posted not the .js file

Thank you it finally worked! But I changed something and now it’s not hueheuheue . . .
Might be interaction with module? IDK I was exporting as default a function which return the scene.

<script src="./node_modules/babylonjs/babylon.js"></script>

Inside index.html made it work ! :smiley: Had mixed cdn and npm package.