Wanted: 3D Web Developer for internship or temporary work

3D Web Development Intern/Coop/Temporary

About Us:

We are building a system for online clothing customization that will enable highly realistic previews for the customer of what they will receive, or alternatively to wear that clothing in a video game or virtual world.

We are a small group located in Somerville, MA working on advanced next-generation technologies for Kornit, a global leader in digital textile printing solutions.

About You:

You are a talented and motivated individual with experience creating interactive 3D web applications. You are comfortable with both the coding and graphic design aspects. Specifically you can help design realistic and high-performance materials and lighting effects for real-time rendering of different fabrics and fabric treatments.

You should be able to provide samples of prior work.

Required Skills
- Javascript, React, HTML5
- Babylon.js, Three.js, WebGL
- 2D graphics, canvas, image editing
- Shaders, materials, lighting, and shadows
- Textures, normal and displacement maps

Optional skills
- Adobe Substance 3D
- Clo, Browzwear, Marvelous Designer, other clothing design systems
- Real life clothing design experience
- 3D Game or virtual world design
- GLB / glTF files, other 3D graphic exchange formats


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