Any one available? - Job Opening : BabylonJS Front End Developer

Babylon 3D / Front End Engineer

Fully Remote - Anywhere


We are looking for an experienced Babylon 3D and Front End engineer to join our startup who is passionate about design, user experience, programming and products. Responsibilities include developing and maintaining core 2D and 3D elements of the clients product, including our web-based 2D/3D editors using Babylon, React and other Javascript tools.

Applicants are required to have an excellent knowledge of Babylon and common 3D tooling such as Blender.

A firm background in game development and artist tool/player user interfaces is highly desirable.

All of the clients team members are passionate about what we’re making and are part of our ideation process. Applicants should prefer to work in a creative and collaborative environment and be open to iterative processes where they have a voice in design and implementation. As such, you’ll be expected to understand and contribute to the product as a whole and not be afraid to get your hands dirty.


  • ● Optimise applications for maximum speed and rendering quality

  • ● Implement tools to improve pipeline from 2D and 3D source assets to interactive editing and usage

  • ● Collaborate with front-end, back-end developers and designers to improve usability

  • ● Get feedback from, and build solutions for, users and customers

  • ● Write functional requirement documents and guides

  • ● Create quality mockups and prototypes

  • ● Help front-end and back-end developers with coding and troubleshooting

  • ● Ensure high quality graphic standards and brand consistency

  • ● Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code.

  • Requirements:

  • ● 5+ years as a full time professional software engineer.

  • ● 3+ years of professional in-depth Babylon.js or low-level 3D SDK development

  • ● Excellent knowledge of 3d file formats, tooling, and usage

  • ● Front end web development experience using React and NodeJS.

  • ● Hands-on experience with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

  • ● Knowledge of various web frameworks

  • ● Familiarity with browser testing and debugging

  • ● Understanding of layout aesthetics

  • ● Mobile app and AR experience beneficial

  • ● Interest in games and game development

  • ● Self-driven. We are a small team distributed across 5 time zones and won’t be micromanaging anyone.

  • ● You like building, and sometimes you build things just because you want to.

If this of interest please get intouch with your latest CV and availability.


Hi Sean, I am interested in this opportunity.
Please let me know how / when we can discuss more.