Webgpu performance


I know webgpu is fresh on the market, but I am experiencing some major performance issue. getting 20fps to 16fps while I’m getting a constant 60fps using webgl, the console has this warning pop up.

We would need a repro somewhere to see what’s going on.

Getting x3 better perf in WebGL is not expected. However, it’s expected to get some lower perf in WebGPU depending on your scene because we didn’t focus on perf yet but instead on being on-par feature wise with WebGL.

See WebGPU Status | Babylon.js Documentation

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Yeah I guess this part of browser caveat applies to me, since I’m using lots of video textures and updated gui in my scene

“Updating GPU textures with canvas / videos is slow. It means you will see really bad performance if you use dynamic GUIs (GUI that have elements which are updated on each frame) or video elements.”

Video playing is going to be faster thanks to the next PR that is coming in the next days that will add native WGSL support to ShaderMaterial: you will be able to use the new texture_external type, that is meant especially to handle videos.


That is really awesome!!