WebXR equivalent of GUI label?

Hi, I’ve been experimenting with WebXR, and am exploring adding labels to objects. You can’t use the standard gui labels in VR. Is there a best practice? I’ve been playing with creating a child billboard with dynamic texture, then drawing a line back to the parent. Examples or snippets would be welcome.

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Want to share a maturing where labeling didn’t work in VR? Or do you mean DOM enabled html tags?
Babylon GUI should work in XR the same way it works in the desktop

Well, I tried putting GUI labels on some objects. Worked fine in desktop, but (using an Acer Windows MR headset), the labels moved with my head motions away from their objects. I just copied this Playground example:


can I ask what you mean away from the objects? it does rotate on the x Axis when you move your head up and down, which is the expected behavior. the billboard mode might make it feel like it is going away from you, but it’s actually rotating towards your eyes so the text will always be readable.

Oh, and what version of babylon are you using? (playground is latest, so if you do use the playground no need to state a version)

I’m seeing the GUI move independently of the objects they label. I’m going to go back to the code first to see if there is an error. Is there an example in the playground?

Would be great to see a screenshot or what you are seeing! I am testing with the demo you pasted before - just added a call to create a default xr experience helper to enter XR.


This is what I am seeing in this demo (I am constantly rotating the head, but the video cast ignores rotation on the z-axis to keep the recording aligned for the viewer)

Sorry for the late reply. I missed this comment about advancedTextures:

“The fullscreen mode is not intended to be used with WebVR as it is a pure 2d rendering. For WebVR scenario you will have to use the texture mode below.”