WebXR LightEstimation createDirectionalLightSource burns some materials

I’ve been doing some tests and besides this feature looks good in some points (adds some color, shadows direction, etc) it burns some parts of the mesh, unfortunately, you cannot control its power since it is modified on the fly but the LightEstimation feature itself.

Is there any way to make this light still work but with less intensity/influence on the scene?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I made this ugly hack

scene.onBeforeCameraRenderObservable.add((camera) => {
                                                    lightEstimation.directionalLight.intensity = Math.min(lightEstimation.directionalLight.intensity,0.001);

But it stills has a big impact in the environment map color

cc @RaananW our XR king :slight_smile:

The light intensity is set by the feature itself, every time it updates. I can add a scale factor if you think it makes sense

I think that it could be great by default it is so powerful, btw it also has a big impact (even if you set it to 0 in the created environment)